JungleRaja, accessible at https://jungalraja.in, offers an expansive selection of casino games. Though not the largest among operators’ sites, its selection remains extensive and well-organized; users can search titles directly from the homepage or filter by game provider.

Live dealer games are streamed directly from a studio onto the internet and made accessible for players to wager, just like in a brick-and-mortar casino. Punters can place their bets just like they would at a physical establishment.


Jungle Raja offers multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, such as bank transfers. Their website caters specifically to Indian players’ needs by regularly hosting slot and table game tournament battles in which winners receive their prizes directly into their main accounts without wagering anything! Furthermore, this casino supports Android and iOS mobile devices for player use.

Software providers for this casino include some of the industry’s most esteemed names, with games designed to look fantastic on any device. The casino features a range of slots, blackjack and roulette as well as other forms of gambling such as keno and scratch cards – with an intuitive layout and navigation to help customers quickly locate what they’re searching for.

Roulette requires placing chips on an area of the table representing your chosen bet before waiting for the croupier to announce “no more bets”. While you could potentially gain great success using strategy in this game, always bear in mind that casinos hold an inherent edge which you must overcome to become successful at this game.

The online casino features a live chat feature that you can use to ask any queries about its games or get help from support staff, available 24/7 by simply clicking on the floating icon on the bottom right of your screen or calling them directly or sending them emails. Furthermore, its operations are fully regulated by Curacao so your money is secure with this casino; additionally it also has a feature allowing you to save and access favorite games quickly with just a few clicks.


Jungle Raja Casino in India provides many different forms of gambling games, including roulette. Although this game of chance relies heavily on luck, those with experience can still be highly lucrative when placing bets correctly. Jungle Raja works honestly without delaying verification processes or paying winnings promptly to users; additionally they offer various payment methods and certified slot machines which make them a safe way to gamble without risking their cash.

Craps is one of the world’s most beloved table games, with newcomers often being intimidated by its intricate table layout. Yet learning it should not be difficult – simply read up on its rules before approaching a table to begin play and observe proper etiquette to avoid appearing like an arrogant person at your first opportunity!

Beginners should set limits on how much they bet in any one session to manage losses more effectively and extend playing sessions. If a losing streak starts to take hold, it would be wiser to leave before any significant losses accrue.

Craps requires placing chips on various areas of the table in order to represent your bet. Each section represents a particular bet type; their value depends on how many chips are placed there. Table sections include Pass Line, Don’t Pass Bar, Big 6/Big 8 Betting Areas (The Field), Come/Don’t Come Areas and Place.


Blackjack, the timeless casino classic that can be enjoyed both online and in land-based casinos, requires quick-witted strategy to enjoy. Before betting real money on any games, players should learn its rules first and practice several rounds for fun before placing real stakes bets. Playing live casino Blackjack may provide the best experience; alternatively there are websites offering free online versions of this timeless classic casino game.

Jungle Raja Casino, a newly launched Indian casino, provides newcomers with a no-deposit bonus of Rs500 when signing up, along with first deposit bonuses up to Rs10,000 on initial deposits. Jungle Raja is licensed by Curacao authority so players can rest assured they will be treated fairly.

Jungle Raja offers an extensive selection of casino games, from live dealer tables to slots and video poker on mobile devices. All games at Jungle Raja are regularly tested by independent auditors to ensure honesty and fairness for optimal playback; additionally, SSL encryption technology protects player information.

The casino provides an impressive list of deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as an exclusive VIP program where players can earn extra bonuses and rewards. Furthermore, customer support is available around-the-clock.

JungleRaja Casino stands out as a trustworthy, professional and honest online casino. Offering an impressive variety of casino games designed specifically to meet Indian player needs. Working with highly regarded software providers for superior security. Plus they feature various promotional offers on slots and other games!


Jungle Raja Casino is a recently rebranded online casino with an impressive selection of games and bonuses (some require bonus codes to activate), plus additional perks and benefits. It boasts a professional jungle theme with a friendly-looking lion mascot; plus its license from Curacao eGambling Commission is further proof that this establishment can be trusted.

Starting is very straightforward – simply follow the link and enter your email address, mobile number and password into the provided fields to create an account. Once created, you can begin playing immediately with deposits as low as Rs500 that can be used towards playing any of our games – once those free Rs500 have been used up you can make real money deposits and Jungle Raja will match 100% up to Rs10,000 as part of our match bonus offer!

Jungle Raja offers more than just its live dealer table; their website features video poker, blackjack (10 variations), roulette (3 versions) and baccarat (8 varieties). Furthermore, old favorites such as Red Queen Thimbles Double Chances may be found here too!

The website itself has been carefully constructed to be responsive across different devices and browsers, making it easy for players to access games from any location or device. Login and register buttons are conveniently placed at the top of the page – an industry standard layout – while there’s also a helpful FAQ section providing answers to frequently asked questions about the casino. Unfortunately though, no dedicated mobile app exists for this casino!


Baccarat is another popular casino game, though often found hidden away in high-limit gaming areas. Much like blackjack or poker, its gameplay is straightforward: all that’s necessary to win is collecting a combination of cards that total closer to nine than another player’s hand – or betting on a tie! Of course, its risk can still be substantial as there’s no way to reduce it like card counting can do; other strategies would need to be employed instead.

To play baccarat, players must choose either a Player Bet, Banker Bet, or Tie bet. If the Player’s Hand wins, your bet wins; if Banker’s Hand wins you lose; and a tie pushes it back. Odds of success on Player and Banker bets vary between 9:8 and 1:1 respectively – unlike in blackjack or roulette where players must interact directly with dealers! Compared to either blackjack or roulette you don’t face off directly against them which adds another layer of strategy!

While the rules of baccarat may appear straightforward, players should study them closely prior to wagering real money on any type of bet – particularly beginners – especially since these rules can change depending on what kind of wager is placed and can vary from casino to casino – for instance some may employ edge sorting in order to reduce house advantage – this was used by Phil Ivey to win $10 Million twice on separate occasions!

JungleRaja’s live dealer games do not provide demo mode, so for optimal playback it’s best to test them on devices with large displays. Old phones and tablets may present issues when trying out live dealer games on JungleRaja.